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About Lexi Ruffell...

Lexi Ruffell is the founder of Marketing Choreography and Co-founder of Business Choreography. 

A serial Entrepreneur, known to her tribe as the Clarity Queen, Lexi specializes in helping entrepreneurs find the clarity that will amplify their business to new heights.  

As a former professional athlete, Lexi traveled the world pushing her mind and body to new heights striving to attain the highest quality and execution she could. 

Lexi has business in her bloodline. With entrepreneur parents leading the way, Lexi started her business journey managing dance studios and eventually became COO of a personal development company by age 20. She then went on to start her own marketing company shortly after. 

She has taken that passion and commitment to excellence into marketing, operations, and sales and now trains business owners to optimize their revenue and ability to serve their customers at the highest level. 

Join us on the Business Choreography Podcast where we talk about choreographing your Marketing, Operations, and Sales into dynamic systems that increase your revenue and your impact. We explore solid business principles and discuss all things that make businesses dance to success with clarity.

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